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Belt weighing scales are selected when an accurate weighing of product flow of all kind of bulk material is requested.

The weight of a belt section acts directly to a load cell by means of a weighing brigde. Analogue to the weight the load cell transfers a measuring signal to the build-in electronic analysis device for evaluating the data. The flow rate as integral of the feeding rate is determined by the associated belt length. The encoder is driven by a friction wheel which is moved from the bypassing bulk or via a joint coupling driven by the tail pully of the conveyer.

Execution as single-roller or multi-roller

Several standard- and statistic functions

Belt width: 400 - 2.000 mm

Capacity: 25 - 4.000 t/h

Single-roller belt weighing scale at belt speed: < 2,5 m/s

Multiple-roller belt weighing scale at belt speed: > 2,5 m/s

Accuracy of measurement:*): 0,5 %

*) the JÖST® installation instructions must be observed


Belt Weighing Scale

Guaranteed accurate and continuous measurement of bulk material

The evaluation device can be combined with all programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Indication of the feeding capacity, measuring and memorising of the flow rate



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