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Differential dosing weighing scales are selected when an accurate weighing and controlling of the product flow of all kind of bulk material is requested. A free flowing of the bulk products on vibrating feeders is precondition.

Areas of application:

  • Feeding of continuous mixers, dosing-in of colouring agents
  • Feeding of continuous heat-treating kilns, dosing-in ofalloy materials
  • Batch systems for various industries (food-and basematerial industry)
  • Dosing-in of spices

Several standard- and statistic functions

Execution: Dosing feeder FDLT with platform weighing scale and evaluation device HDD03-1 Platform weighing scale with 4 load cells

Dimensions: from 250 x 400 mm up to 500 x 900 mm (other dimensions are possible)

Height: 50 mm up to 80 mm

Capacity: 4 kg/h – 5 t/h

Weighing- and dosing accuracy: 0,5 % (product dependent)


Dosing-Differential Weighing Scale

Feeding and dosing of bulk material in one single operation

Rigid and industry-suitable compact design

High dosing- and weighing accuracy

High endurance due to high-quality materials

The evaluation device can be combined with all programmable logic controllers (PLC)

4 load cells increase the stability and ensure an uncritical vibration behaviour of the platform



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