Alloy Plant
for pan dosing

26. November 2021 Dülmen, Germany JOEST
DOSING Metallurgy

Aggregate dosing with utmost precision.

In June this year, JOEST delivered a customized solution for casted pan dosing to a German client. This specially designed alloy plant features a remarkable dosing precision for aggregates.

The client’s demand was to achieve the best precision possible when dosing the two components manganese-iron and silicon-iron. The two hoppers are loaded with the aggregates by the client. Dosing feeders then feed the two container wagons.

The wagons are pre-dosed to roughly 20 kg to speed up the actual dosing process. The downstream feeder, which can pivot by 90°, then feeds the material directly into the pouring stream. Depending on the aggregate, the system is designed to dose between 5 and 10 kg and each scale reaches a precision of up to 50 grams.


       The Video of the alloy plant for pan dosing 


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