Automatic feed systems
for welding studs
and flange nuts

27. October 2021 Dülmen, Buldern Jöst
flange nuts Linear feeder SCREW welding studs


 JOEST delivers feeding technology to screw technology manufacturer.

JOEST manufactured two automaticfeed systems to convey, sort and feedwelding studs and flange nuts. Thesystems are built up of an overheadconveyor with a link chain, a storage container, a linear feeder and a workpiece recirculation.

The workpieces are provided manually in a storage container with an effective volume of 320 liters. The container has a steel design and is lined with PU plates. It also features a filling level indicator. The parts are presorted by workpiece specific carrier rails, conveyed upwards and fed into a linear feeder.

The linear feeder is equipped with two parallel sorting feeders. On these feed-ers, alignment mechanisms force the workpieces into the correct orientation. Excess or falsely orientated parts are rejected by the linear feeder and are recirculated to the storage container. The sorting feeders are equipped with pneumatic deflectors to prevent the magazine from overflowing and to control the feeding lane in case a screw is left out.

At the end of the linear feeder, the workpieces are fed into the existing processing machines in a defined position. The welding studs are discharged to the left and the flange nuts to the right.

After development and manufacturing, the feeding systems were delivered in the fourth quarter of this year. The project was completed to the full satisfaction of all parties and JOEST is looking forward to new exciting projects.



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