Complete system solution:
Standard products combined
with custom built machines

12. August 2021 Jöst Dülmen, Germany
Dosing technology Series MDS Steel industry

Dosed feeding and refilling of a phosphatizing system for German automotive company.



In advance, several compacting tests were performed in the JOEST Test Center: This ensured that no parts stiFor a client building a phosphatizing plant as a general contractor for a German automotive company, JOEST designed, manufactured and delivered a large system solution this year, to feed and refill the plant.

The project started in 2019 but was temporarily set on hold due to the Covid-Pandemic. It was later picked up again and went into production this year. The task was to dose forging parts into baskets provided by the client, based on the demanded formula. The parts are supplied in two different steel containers. The filled baskets are fed into the phosphatizing bath. After the phosphatizing process, the containers are removed and emck up over the edge of the basket, eliminating a manual task. The containers are fed into the system by a Lifting- and Tipping Device from the series MDS. The Lifting- and Tipping Device empties the container onto a Trough-Type-Feeder which is followed by a Dosing Feeder. Both feeders are mounted on load cells. The baskets are then filled according to the demanded formula. During the filling process, the container stands on a vibrating table, resulting in an even parts distribution throughout the basket. Next, chain conveyors, corner transfer conveyors and roller conveyors transport the containers to a lifting station, which feeds the parts into the phosphatizing plant. In return, the lifting station removes a basket that is done.

The finished parts are emptied onto another Trough-Type-Feeder by a second Lifting- and Tipping Device. The Dosing Feeder that follows the Trough-Type-Feeder doses the parts back into their transporting containers. The entire process of feeding and refilling is enclosed in a soundproof cabin.

With this solution, JOEST has designed a customized system using standard products from its Lifting- and Tipping Technology and Dosing Technology, featuring the latest magnetic drives. The entire conveying equipment including chain- and roller conveyors was specifically designed to meet the client’s factory standard.

All feeders are equipped with the latest magnetic drives and feature HB400 wear liners. Furthermore, the feeders are mounted on a total of four load cells. The chain- and roller conveyors use a central grease lubrication and the entire system operates without hydraulics.

Programming and factory acceptance testing by the final customer went without complications and were completed successfully. Commissioning on-site is scheduled for the second fiscal quarter of 2022 and is performed by the general contractor. JOEST will assist in the process.

From first contact to delivery, the project had a duration of three years, partially due to the pandemic. A custom solution was developed in close co- operation, creating a valued partnership with the client. If you are also interested in a client specific solution, please contact us. With our large product portfolio, we will find the ideal solution for every client application.

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