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13. December 2021 Turkey Jöst
ATIK Foundry Metallurgy Shakeout

The Company ATIK has been working with JOEST machines successfully for years.

Atik Metal, one of the largest and most modern foundries in Turkey, producing mainly for export, makes a new investment. The Project includes two new HWS molding plants, the according Eirich sand processing with vacuum mixers and two custom shakeouts followed by manipulator supported cast processing technology.




The implemented shakeouts are 2x2 shakeouts with electronically adjustable oscillation parameters. Sensitive casting parts that are not suited for shakeouts can be transferred to a parallel soft-handling line using the manipulators. This prevents Surface damages. On the following separating and sorting feeder, manipulators separate circulating material from the casts, which hen transferred to a hanging sand blasting plant.

All shakeouts are designed with a decline angle and weld-free side walls. Each casting conveyor is manipulator proof with solid, bolted spring beams. Additionally, JOEST is supplying six laterally displaceable charging vehicles with 12 tons of capacity each. They will feed the new induction furnaces.

JOEST is thankful for the many years of good cooperation and thanks Mr. Atik for the trust he places in JOEST. As a special thanks and sign of appreciation, Mr. Atik was awarded the title “Customer of the Year” in December.



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