Grizzly Screen Design

30. August 2022 Australia JOEST
Extra-Heavy-Duty GRIZZLY Premium Screen MAnufacturer screen

 JOEST Australia develops a new version with extra-heavy-duty design.

In a further reflection of JOEST Australia’s commitment to continuous improvement, the company has now established a solid reputation in the bulk mining/scalping application as the premier Grizzly Screen manufacturer.

Once again, the collaborative approach utilised by JOEST Australia personnel to address operational issues has evolved an already successful Extra Heavy Duty JOEST design to successfully screen material, with an increased feed rate from 4,000 tph to the average of 5,500 tph, and surge loads up to 6,000 tph. In addition to enhancing the machine design to process an additional 30 % feed, JOEST Australia personnel have engineered a cassette arrangement that has delivered a 57 % improvement in wear life, along with efficiency improvements required to handle the increased tonnages.

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