Handling of mixed packaging waste with the largest vibrating separator worldwide

23. January 2019 Duelmen, Germany JOEST
AirVibe JOEST JOEST Group seperator unbalanced motors

Biggest Vibration Air Separator “AirVibe” goes to England

In spring 2018 JOEST delivered the largest AirVibe ever built to England. With a width of 2400 mm and a length of 3700 mm, it has a capacity of 20 t/h. The AirVibe is equipped with a support frame and recirculation mode so that it can be operated in octave.

This separator processes packaging waste consisting of bottle glass, foils, plastic, caps and paper. The AirVibe is used for pre-cleaning the bottle glass and removes the light impurities.

The AirVibe is vibrating with a linear stroke using 2 unbalanced motors. This motion is important for the transport, fluidization and even distribution of the infeed material. An adjustable air knife, positioned at the end of the impact area blows through the material stream. Light material particles like paper, plastic and card board are blown into the expansion room of the AirVibe and discharged at the light material fraction of the end of the separator. The medium weight particles which were not separated in the first separation stage based on size and shape hit an adjustable separation plate. Especially light particles with a larger surface area and those with a higher grip will be moved over the separation plate due to the linear stoke of the machine and added to the light material fraction.

The vibrating separator AirVibe has a fixed place in the JOEST product range for many years and is a worldwide success story.


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