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18. December 2023 JOEST Weltweit
JOESTimes review The Year 2023

The Year 2023

We can look back on an overall successful year in the JOEST group‭, ‬during which we achieved‭, ‬improved‭, ‬and developed a lot‭. ‬With‭ ‬these positive developments and optimism‭, ‬we would like to look forward to the new year‭.‬

This is a challenging task given the ongoing and current challenges‭, ‬such as the conflict in Ukraine‭, ‬tensions in the Middle East and economic uncertainties in Europe‭, ‬especially in Germany‭. ‬The reasons for all this are complex‭, ‬and there is no solution in‭ ‬sight for any of the major problems at hand‭. ‬Nevertheless‭, ‬we are committed to face the upcoming challenges that we can influence with full force and remain hopeful‭.‬

Together with our employees all over the world‭, ‬we strive to satisfy our customers at a very high level‭. ‬Quality and reliability‭ ‬are not just empty words in our organization‭, ‬but lived practice
everyday‭. ‬We are determined to give our best in the new year and work together to bring about positive changes‭.‬


Dr‭. ‬Hans Moormann‭     ‬Dr‭. ‬Marcus Wirtz



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