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25. January 2018 Dülmen, Germany JOEST
coarse separation FSM incinerator ash plant resonance conveyor Transport waste slag handling

JOEST is the only manufacturer in the world that builds mass-compensated resonance conveyors (FSM) for the transport and coarse separation of incinerator ash.

This year, JOEST once again sold several FSM conveyors that were specifically designed for the transport of incinerator ash. Among others, the customer MVR Rugenberger Damm in Hamburg has chosen our company’s expertise. On the one hand, MVR was faced with the problem that the existing conveyor which was supplied by a competitor was emitting excessively high noise levels. Furthermore, broken springs were causing frequent unplanned downtimes, resulting in significant disruption to the workflow at the plant.

JOEST carried out tests for MVR at its in-house technical centre with regard to the noise level and was easily able to meet the requirements. Decisive factors in the customer’s purchasing decision included the sturdy design and short maintenance times of the JOEST machine.
Due to its modular structure as well as the possibility of combining several process steps in one machine (material conveying and coarse particle separation with adjustable split grates), the JOEST FSM can be individually tailored to the customer’s application.

Even with very limited space available on site, the resonance conveyor can be installed on a customer-specific basis and can easily bridge interfering components, such as conveyor belts and pipelines.
Based on many years of experience with waste incineration plants and waste slag handling, special operating parameters have been developed to process this product, which is difficult to transport — in this area, it tends to be moist and prone to caking, as well as bulky, chemically aggressive and abrasive.

The low dynamic restoring forces of the machine are another advantage that has a positive effect in terms of the vibrations transferred to the system’s peripheral devices.
FSM conveyors can easily be built with a length of 80 metres and have impressed customers for decades with their low energy consumption, clean material handling and short repair times.

For new construction projects and renovations, JOEST handles all planning for the replacement of the old machine right up to the commissioning. Mass-compensated vibration systems have proven themselves as the ideal technology for use in waste incineration plants.



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