New logo and brand structure

1. January 2022 Duelmen, Germany JOEST group
Internationalization logo modification new brand structure

Rebranding and internationalizing the logos

Just in time for the turn of the year, the logo-portfolio of the entire group receives a make-over: In addition to the internationalization of the logos, they were also slimmed down and unified. The rebranding and the waiver of the claim below our name make the logos appear lighter, more open and clearer. This way they can be used universally and will work on all platforms. Especially in external communications, the logo plays an essential role and is the figurehead of the company. The unification strengthens the brand and the entire group.

JOEST becomes JOEST & JOEST group becomes JOEST group.
The JOEST group is the framework for presenting all subsidiaries and brands. From now on, JOEST will only have one logo. The Ö is replaced by OE and the claim is removed. In texts, JOEST will also be exclusively written with OE. The only exception is the corporate name JÖST GmbH + Co. KG. Here, the Ö is left in place. When presenting the entire JOEST group, the individual country is added after JOEST e.g., our locations on the global map.

The brand JVM stays the way it is. For a unified look, the logo now also implements the red JOEST-square.

Carried as a brand for years, the product segment of DIETERLE is now completely transferred to JOEST and thus sees off the previous DIETERLE logo and the brand logo MUCKI. Starting next year, all products run under the segment of JOEST lifting, tipping and feeding tech-
nology. The email addresses and telephone numbers will also be adapted to JOEST.

Dr. Gössling becomes GOESSLING.
Through the accretion of the Dr. Ing. Gössling Maschinenfabrik GmbH to JOEST, Dr. Gössling will no longer be an independent corporation as of 2022. The new brand logo receives the red square, the Dr. is removed and the Ö becomes OE. This ensures an optimal integration into the JOEST-world. For all employees transferring to Duelmen, the email addresses and telephone numbers will be adapted to JOEST as well.

This long-standing brand is also completely merged into JOEST.



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