Sponsoring for Duelmen
swimmer Lukas Helmer

31. July 2023 Dülmen, Germany JOEST
masters japan sponsoring World Swimming Championships


In his search for sponsors for his participation in the World Swimming Championships in Japan, the 25-year-old student has found a positive response at JOEST. JOEST is contributing €2,000 to the trip to Japan, plus towels and a water bottle. Dr. Hans Moormann, managing partner of the JOEST group, is happy to support local sports.

Lukas has been swimming since he was 4 years old - and it is now paying off. Improving by 4 seconds in 100m butterfly and setting the club record in all medley events last year, his times qualified him for the Masters in Japan. He has been trained for some time by his mother, who actively supports him. Besides the daily training in the pool, Lukas studies chemistry at the WWU in Münster.

Tomorrow, time has finally come: The trip to Japan begins and in just a few days the competitions in the Masters will already start.

The whole #JOESTeam all the best and have a great time!


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