Thank you, Ian!

12. January 2024 JOEST group Australia
JOEST Australia JOEST Group new chapter thank you

After an extraordinary journey spanning over two decades, Ian Laws, Co-Founder and Managing Director of JOEST Australia, is stepping into a new chapter in his life. His indomitable spirit and dedication have been instrumental in building and shaping the biggest subsidiary in the JOEST group. Since the foundation Ian has poured his heart and soul into advancing the companies interests. Alongside his continuously growing exceptional team, Ian has propelled JOEST Australia to a highly recognised player in the market, playing a pivotal role as a supplier for vibrating screens and feeders. Ian’s legacy is one of great leadership, commitment and tireless effort.

As he transitions into a very well deserved retirement, we extend our deepest gratitude for everything he has done for JOEST Australia. We take immense pride in having Ian Laws as part of our JOEST Australia Advisory Board and express our heartfelt THANK YOU for his outstanding contributions. We also wish the best of luck to his successor, Ravi Jain, who will follow Ian as Managing Director and to Steve Clifford who will take over the responsibilities as General Manager.


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