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7. December 2023 JOEST Germany
Casting cooler Lifting and tipping device Sorting Conveyor

Plant Casting Cooler Lifting and Tipping Device JOEST 2023

Lifting and Tipping Devivce JOEST 2023

JOEST delivered several types of machines from its product portfolio for castings for a customer‘s complete system.

To simplify and enhance the original process of storing casting parts in boxes for the cooling process, a JOEST Casting Cooler was installed downstream the existing shakeout.

This eliminates the need for manual storage with a forklift, resulting in significant time savings. After passing through the casting cooler, the parts move to casting separation and sorting on a sorting conveyor before being transferred to a lifting and tipping device. Subsequently, a feeder on a drive frame feeds the parts to the shot blasting system in batches, ensuring a continuous material flow. In addition, a bypass discharge line is installed alongside.


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