Highest standards in concrete recycling

1. December 2020 Duelmen, Germany JOEST

Innovative concrete recycling plant in the Netherlands equipped with JOEST Circular Motion Screens and Vibrating Trough Type Feeders.

Sustainably saving resources: Concrete is a silent polluter, causing high CO² emissions in manufacturing. The company Urban Mine is now working against these effects with an innovative and newly developed process. The enterprise based near Amsterdam has specialized in recycling concrete. In the new process, the original components sand, gravel and cement are recovered from concrete rubble and used to make new concrete in an ecofriendly process. The energy supply of the plant is delivered by solar panels and the rainwater is collected in a container and then used in the process.

In order to enable high quality recycling of the concrete, Urban Mine puts an emphasis on a precise separation of the concrete particles into multiple fractions. JOEST screens are ideal for this scenario and are distinguished by a very clean screen cut. In total, three Circular Motion Screens and a Flip-Flow Screen are used for various screening processes throughout the plant and three Vibrating Trough Type Feeders manage parts of the material transportation.

The crushed concrete rubble is placed on the first Vibrating Trough Type Feeder which feeds the material to the double-decker Circular Motion Screen beneath, guaranteeing an even material distribution to begin with. Featuring 2.1 m in width, 5 m in length, a capacity of 125 t / h and a double shaft drive, the screen separates into fractions smaller than 16 mm, 16 to 55 mm, and larger than 55 mm.

The fraction smaller than 16 mm is then fed to the Flip-Flow Screen OSCILLA, which is installed right beneath the first Circular Motion Screen. The OSCILLA screen has been successful in the market for many years, presenting a great solution for demanding bulk materials. The machine is based on a resonance system. An inner screen-frame is displaced via vibro blocks and enables significantly higher acceleration rates. The design is known for its extreme durability, individually configurable screen decks and a quick and simple exchange of screening mats. With a width of 2.4 m and a length of 6m, the JOEST Flip Flow Screen separates the material into fractions smaller than 4 mm and 4 to 16 mm.

Further fractions are separated by two additional Circular Motion Screen within the plant, both of which are shaft driven. The single deck screen guarantees a cut into fractions larger and smaller than 26 mm. With the double decker screen, three additional fractions, smaller than 16 mm, 16 to 26 mm and larger than 26 mm are gained.

A special feature of all the screens is the automatic lubrication of their drive shafts, which enables an automated, continuous and progressively controlled lubrication. Service times are drastically reduced thanks to the featured automation and the implementation of easily exchangeable PU-screens. A Trellex collar seal prevents dust from escaping the system at the charge and discharge ends. Furthermore, the machines are covered by Alucore-composite panels, closing them off completely. The cover is extremely light weight without sacrificing durability, again simplifying maintenance. To reduce stress on the mounting structure, the screens are equipped with an isolation frame in combination with Rosta-Elements. All the machines are packed to the full extent with optimal features.

During a visit at the JOEST group headquarters in Dülmen, the team from Urban Mine was able to convince itself of the manufacturing capabilities and the high-quality work, as well as the new 500 m² Test Center. Project handling worked out without any issues and to the full satisfaction of both sides.
Time and again, new demands were made by the client. JOEST was able to react in a consistent interaction with the client Commissioning of the entire plant including the JOEST machines is scheduled for the beginning of next year. JOEST will accompany commissioning on-site to guarantee the best result possible.

„We chose JOEST screens, because they deliver extremely precise screen cuts. “ – Vincent Jansen, Technical Manager, Urban Mine

With this project, the JOEST Team proved once again that they can offer the right solution for every client. They are looking forward to the now upcoming further cooperation with Urban Mine. As a qualified partner in special purpose machine manufacturing, JOEST is prepared for any challenge and awaits your personal use case.

If you are interested in Circular Motion Screens or Vibrating Trough Type Feeders, feel free to contact us!



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