Large plant for cooling and screening of EPDM-granulates

31. August 2021 Dülmen, Germany JOEST
CABLE COMPOUNDS Chemical and Food EPDM-GRANULAT MELOS vibrating feeder vibrating fluidized bed dryer

“Our Cable Compounds and Customer Solutions are processed worldwide in a wide variety of cable applications, for example in houses, cars, trains, aircraft and household appliances. Consistency in product properties is the key factor here. Product properties is crucial. Cooling our compounds after extrusion is a fundamental process step to ensure this quality. Process step to ensure this quality. We have placed our trust in JOEST for this in the third generation. The project work and handling was excellent.”

Markus Dieckmann,
Projektingenieur von Melos



Third order in a row for JOEST.

Last year, JOEST got the order for the third cooling line of the Melos GmbH in Osnabrueck, a manufacturerof EPDM-granulates and cable compounds. The first order of this sequel was placed back in 2016.

Melos is a leading manufacturer of plastics for sport- and playground surfaces. They use their know-how to develop custom solutions for various plastic applications including the cable industry and many more. The core of the plant is a JOEST Fluidized Bed Dryer, a Markus Dieckmann, Project Engineer, Melos GmbH GERMANY. Third order in a row for JOEST. Large plant for cooling and screening of EPDM-granulates processing and exhaust air system including pipelines, and a JOEST Feeder. For the demanded cooling of EPDMand EVA-granulates as well as PE-compounds, JOEST designed and manufactured a Fluidized Bed Dryer that is tailored to the application. The feeder has an airflow surface of 6,3 m2 and is based on a vibrating feeder with a conical air distribution chamber. The system also includes a machinemounted hood and a support frame with a single sided walkway. The requi red processing air system incorporates a suction-filter/silencer combination and a processing air fan. An automatic cleaning control is integrated into the air filter of the exhaust system. Due to spacial constraints on site, the process- and exhaust air system was placed away from the Fluidized Bed Dryer and connected by pipelines.

The pipeline layout that even runs through existing production plants was designed by JOEST using a 3D-Scan. The Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer is followed by a JOEST Screen which screens the granulates. The upper deck separates agglomerates at roughly 10 mm, depending on the product. The screen deck is designed as a screening trough which is easy to swap. In the lower deck, fine particles are screened at roughly 2 mm. The screening deck here is designed as a suspended perforated plate. The machine’s hood is made up of multiple segments, some of which are plexiglass.

One segment can be opened to take samples of the material. As with the first two projects, we worked in close cooperation with the client and both sides were fully satisfied with the course and outcome of the project. JOEST is looking forward to new and exciting projects in the field of thermal processing technology.




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