Silicon conveying with JOEST

16. November 2023 Trostberg, Germany JOEST
CONVEYING lifting & tipping SCREENING silicon
On-site cusotmer acceptance at JOEST in front of plant for silicon conveying

The on-site customer acceptance at JOEST went smoothly. We are looking forward to the next project!

For the screening and conveying of silicon, JOEST has developed a system consisting of three machine types from the JOEST product portfolio for ALZTEC GmbH. With the help of a JOEST Lifting and Tipping Device from the MA series, a container with material is lifted to a height of three meters. The Lifting and Tipping Device is equipped with an adjustable dumping skid, so that the discharge height can be adjusted. To close the recessed handles of the plastic boxes, they are equipped with a pneumatic container clamp with molding jaws. This prevents material from escaping though the side. Another special feature is the use of a PU drive belt, which does not generate any metallic abrasion as opposed to a chain drive.

The Lifting and Tipping Device feeds the material onto the JOEST screening line and several vibrating screens ensure uniform classification of the product into different grain sizes. JOEST conveyors are positioned perpendicular to the screening line, which ensures the removal of the classified material. A special requirement for the system was the stainless-steel design as well as the special PU lining of all surfaces in contact with the product to prevent the silicon from interacting with the stainless-steel.


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