Final project of mechanical technicians

31. May 2021 Duelmen, Germany JOEST

Developing, designing and manufacturing a semi-automated assembly device
for the manufacturing of belts

As part of their further training, a group of mechanical technicians from the Pictorius Berufskolleg in Coesfeld

successfully completed their final project at JÖST GmbH + Co. KG.

„We want to say thank you for being given the chance to complete our project here. During a time like this, that is not a matter of course.“ 

The project team including our employee Julian Muddemann designed a semi-automated assembly device for the manufacturing of hinged belts. The mechanical technicians were responsible for the concept and design as well as the manufacturing of the system. The partial automation is based on a polygon conveyor by the company Dr. Ing. Goessling GmbH, which is part of the JOEST group.

The semi-automation stands out due to its simple operation: The machine is operated from a single position at the control panel.  The system now performs all of the steps that used to be done by hand. This increases the productivity of the manufacturing process by up to 350%.

JOEST congratulates the participants of this remarkably successful project in the name of the entire #JOESTeam
and says thank you for the personal effort and performance.




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