My training as a construction
mechanic at JOEST

21. November 2023 Dülmen, Germany JOEST
Apprenticeship construction mechanics

First, I would like to introduce myself: I am Jonas Oppermann, now 23 years old and I completed my apprenticeship in January this year. Now I would like to introduce my not-so-ordinary career here at JOEST.

It all started in the apprentice workshop: reading and understanding the first drawings, measuring workpieces and then of course, manufacturing them. We learned how to use the equipment and tools: marking, graining, drilling and then the first attempts with various welding processes. We were also allowed to try out the lathe, although this is not actually required in our training framework. Filing was not neglected either. We had to manufacture a try-square, which of course had to be very precise so that it could be used in practice. To ensure that we didn't just stay in the training workshop on the opposite side of the street at the time, we were also allowed to help with the renovation of the office space and were thus able to get to know other parts of the company.

Of course, it didn't stop at the offices, so I was assigned to production and was able to get good insights into the final assembly of the JOEST Lifting and Tipping Technology. In order to understand where all the parts in the final assembly come from, I was assigned to prefabrication, where I was able to process parts lists and orders on the boring mill. I was also able to help out at the press brake or the impact shears and get to know the processes from raw materials to various machine parts. After a short detour back to the training workshop for maintenance work, repairing surface damages, I went back to the final assembly of Vibrating Conveyors. Since a more powerful and taller crane is installed in Workshop 9, the larger Screens, Feeders and other machines are all assembled there. I was able to work on a massive Shakeout Screen there. The welding & tacking departments were not neglected either: First I was allowed to independently manufacture small parts such as lever locks, then later tack-weld outlet snouts and weld chutes. Another exciting part of my apprenticeship was my month at the CNC milling machine, which is not included in the master plan either, but was very interesting and instructive.

Relatively early on, I was allowed to go in the field to a client site and experience our Feeders in action. Whether it was concrete processing in the Netherlands or food production in Germany, there was always a lot to see and learn. "At home" in Buldern, my training progressed quickly, with very good exam preparation by JOEST, the intermediate exam was a piece of cake. Since I was already 22 years old at the time and had a vocational baccalaureate, I was able to bring forward the final exam by one year together with Jan Suttrup and thus shorten my apprenticeship to 2.5 years. Once again we were provided with old practice exams and were able to prepare ourselves comprehensively, so that I completed my training with an average grade of "very good", the best achievable grade.

Now I have been hired as a member of the final assembly team and the versatility doesn’t end. Whether it’s the fully automated filling and weighing of screws, the assembly of Lifting and Tipping Systems or Hinged Belt Conveyors from GOESSLING. As international projects seem particularly exciting, I recently went to Spain to a foundry for a Shakeout Screen. The apprentice workshop is also not far away. I have been able to get involved as a Youth- and Trainee-Representative for a year and am receiving training though external seminars. Looking ahead, I have a great perspective here at JOEST: The Chamber of Industry & Commerce provides a scholarship to top tier graduates for further training, for example to become a master craftsman.

"I like being at JOEST because I can get to know a wide variety of machines, have great colleagues and can experience many interesting things in my professional life."

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