Feeding annealing ovens
with a reduced drop height

22. October 2021 Dülmen, Germany Jöst
Foundry JM 8 Metallurgy

Modernization and automation of a pusher-type furnace.

In this year’s spring, JOEST delivered Lifting and Tipping Technology in the form of a Lift and Swivel Column to Leinefelde. The client requested a solution to automatically load and unload annealing ovens with Heson stackable containers.

All the equipment was to be placed in a single cell and enclosed by a safety fence. JOEST designed and manufactured an ideal client solution using Lift-ing- and Tipping Technology as well as Magnetic- and Trough-Type-Feeders.

The stacking containers are fed into the system on one side by the client. On the other side, the container filled with tempered parts can be removed. The entire loading and unloading process of the oven is fully automated. The container is docked to the load handling attachment of the Lift and Swivel Column, type MSH.

The machine lifts the container over a JOEST Trough-Type-Feeder, turns by 180 °C and dips into the feeder as far as possible. Until the machine reaches its final position, the parts are held back by a hydraulic flap. Once the flap has opened, the machine slowly retreats, and a small unbalances motor helps with the residual discharge.

process, which is currently performed manually, will also be automated using load cells. The loaded baskets are then pushed into the oven.

After the annealing process, the treated parts exit the oven on the other side at a temperature of up to 400 °C. The filled annealing basket is transported laterally into a hydraulic Tipping Device from the series MDD, which feeds the parts onto a heat resistant JOEST Magnetic Feeder. This feeder doses the parts into a stacking container. During the feed period, the container is tilted towards the feeder by a mechanism, recusing the drop height.

Reducing the drop heights of the parts was a major focus throughout the entire system’s design. This was made possible by a hydraulic double flap, a PU liner in the feeders, individually programmed SPS formulations for different parts and the “dipping” motion into the feeder. Furthermore, the JOEST Feeders are equipped with the latest JM-8 Magnetic Drive which stands out due to its low noise emissions and optimal dosing performance.

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