Top-of-the-line shakeouts for Europe’s largest foundry

3. August 2021 Duelmen, Germany JOEST
JOEST JOEST Group Metallurgie Superlative Trennrinnen

JOEST delivered in the summer of 2018 two new shakeouts to a German foundry, which is one of the biggest in Europe, replacing two existing machines from another manufacturer with smaller dimensions and different designs.

The customer has been successfully using a JOEST casting cooler of the type FSMG 3200×37000 (the largest casting cooler in Europe) for several years now. The two new shakeout machines are used to feed this casting cooler.

Shakeouts are used to separate the green sand from the castings. The vibrating shakeout has a very special integrated heavy duty screen area. In this project the excites to set the machine in controlled motion are located on top oft he machine. The total weight of each shakeout is approx. 22 tons driven by a 55kW motor.
Our customer had a positive experience with JOEST shakeouts and resonance channels on various molding lines over the last decades. Already last year we successfully delivered a similar machine to a newly built foundry in the USA.

The two current machines have a width of 3000 mm and are 6000 mm long. They are driven by two parallel JOEST JR 816 exciters with special labyrinth and lip seals specially developed for foundry applications. These oil lubricated exciters are powered by a standard stationary three-phase motor via a detachable transmission shaft. The heavy design of the machine is characterized by riveted traverses and sidewall connections and bolted screen sections made of manganese steel with JOEST unique hole geometry. The side walls are protected by special wear liners. The machines are moved almost vibration isolated on a coil spring assembly. The oscillation angle of the machines is fixed, the oscillation frequency is adjustable via frequency converter.
In summer of 2018, the machines were delivered, assembled and commissioned within a very short time period.



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