8 runners – 2 relays – 1 team

Categories: Published 09/26/2018

JOEST team takes part in the 17th Volksbank Münster Marathon

For the 17th time, 9,000 runners and 6,000 relays start the Volksbank-Muenster-Marathon in Muenster am Schlossplatz on Sunday 09/09/2018. The marathon is one of the largest marathon events in Germany and has been voted the most popular in NRW six times in a row.

JOEST was also represented with a total of eight runners, i.e. two relays. The relays consisted of employees from various departments. Designers, sales staff, commercial employees and managing directors were part of the JOEST relays.

The ‘pure joy of running’ was the motto of this year’s marathon and both JOEST teams successfully crossed the finishline at the historic Prinzipalmarkt in good spirits. The first team finished with a time of 03:38:12 and the second shortly afterwards with 03:42:36.

For many people running is an individual sport, but it is much more fun in a team. The two teams show how important team spirit is and how motivated our colleagues represented the JOEST team in Münster with a lot of fun.

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