Numerous companies in the foundry industry have an increasing demand for larger castings and consequently for greater dimensions of the moulding boxes. JOEST meets these special demands by application of advanced methods of analysis and calculation for an extended product range.

Non-discharging shakeout one-piece or two-piece in large dimensions and applied loads.

By means of vertically directed and high-energy vibration the horizontal moulding box is shaken out. The sand lumps are pre-crushed just to the dimensions of the grid openings. For large moulding boxes in the foundry industry working with cold-resin-bonded moulding sand.

The machines offer a high-grade operational reliability, temperature resistance and a long lifetime. The JOEST shaft drives – standard electric motors externally arranged and driven via cardan shafts – have been well proven in long-term applications.

Dimensions one-piece up to 4500 x 4500

Load one-piece up to 80 t


Non-Discharging Shakeout

Optimized power flow in the machine body

Temperature resistance

Long lifetime of the machine structure and bearings

Low transmission of dynamic forces into the foundation

Wear-resistant grate area

Adapted to special customer requirements



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No-Bake Sand Molding Process
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