Particles of different specific weight are separated on an air operated vibrating table. The product is fed onto the separation table via dosing feeder with charging hopper. The material flow which can be continuously adjusted by the thyristor controller is evenly distributed over the whole width of machine.

The adjustable air flow (pressure side) is fed under the separating table over the screen segment. The combined effects, the vibration of the table as well as the air flow from below, nearly eliminates the friction between the particles. The particle mass thereby behaves like a fluid. That means heavy particles sink, while light particles swim on top of the flow. The slope of the table is arranged so that there is an incline from the light particle side to the heavy particle side. The sinking heavy particles are finally conveyed up the incline via vibrating process in direction of the upper discharge. The floating lighter particles follow the incline down to the lower discharge. The dusty discharged air from the separation table is cleaned by a cyclone and/or filter. The air flow is generated by a suction fan.

Working WidthAxBxC (m)Throughput* (t/h)Discharged Air (m³/h)inst. Power (kW)
LUS 4501,9x1,0x1,70,5-21250-25005,5
LUS 9002,4x1,3x2,21,0-4,02500-50007-11
LUS 12002,5x1,6x2,21,3-5,33300-660010-15


Separation Table

Very precise separation effect via special working screen elements, ideal air distribution and combined cross-flow separation

Constant operating conditions and simple handling

Very robust construction

Easy accessibility and cleaning possibilities

Product respectively dust deposits under the screen are eliminated


Secondary Raw Materials - Recycling

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