The ZUFB machines are pre-reclaiming sand attrition units (Vibro V-jaw crusher) for big lumps of chemical bonded moulding and core sand.

They are typically used for the primary reduction of core sand blocks. The sand block is mainly destroyed by squeezing it between two vibrating jaws. The width of the outlet gap is adjustable. The result: Small sand lumps, ready for further attrition. Note: A friction-based reclaiming unit model ZUFS needs to be installed after a ZUFB sand attrition unit. If high quantities of metal are embedded in the processed sand lumps, it is necessary to remove them before they enter the device.


Pre-Reclaiming Sand Attrition Unit

High performance, even when thermally untreated coldbox sand is processed

Jaw crusher key parts consist of wear resistant manganese steel

Adjustable outlet gap

In many cases a ZUFB device can replace a hydraulic-jaw crusher or a roll crusher, which is much more expensive



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No-Bake Sand Molding Process
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Used Core Sand Process

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