Sand attrition units type ZUFS are very powerful and compact machines for chemically bonded mould and core sand. These proved and tested machines are often used in well-known foundries. Generally the sand attrition units are inte­grated in sand reclamation plants between shake-out and sand cooler. Powerful, linear vibrations are disintegrating the lumps in the attrition sink and repulverize them to sand. Following the attrition sink the oversize grains are screened out with an easy to maintain mounted, well accessible and visible fine screen.

Non-crushable parts like e.g. casting remain will be automatically cyclic discharged with a rear pneumatic flap. The grinding cavity of the machine is coated with standardized highly wear-resistant bolted perforated plates with approx. 500 x 500 mm dimensions.

Also the side walls are coated with bolted manganese steel perforated plates.


Sand Attrition Unit

Long lifetime of the lining parts and the grid of the attrition sink

Attrition sink consists of highly wear-resistant steel casting grids

Downwards directed conical tapered screening apertures avoid choking

Fine screen for oversize grain, situated at the exit of the machine, is easily accessible

Oversize grains are conveyed through separate opening (optionally left or right), therefore no accumulation of oversize grain in the machine

Coarse material will be discharged automatically through the rearend flap by means of reversed conveying direction

Access to the inner parts of the device trough the rearend flap



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No-Bake Sand Molding Process
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Used Core Sand Process

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