The SDE/SDZ Small Screen is a particularly compact version of a vibration screen equipped with the tried and tested JD Dosing Drive. As a linear feeder, they are used for sifting plastic granulates (strand granulates or underwater granulates) and can also be used in the foodstuffs industry as well as other sectors.

The clamped sifter trough and the simple design ensure swift and thorough cleaning when changing products. The thyristor controller is also ideal for adjusting the vibration width to suit the screened materials. The small screens are available in single- or double-decker versions and can be used for coarse materials, extra long materials or fine particle sifting. The small screens come standard in stainless steel 1.4301 with glass bead-blasted surfaces. The standard package includes a partial cover on the feed-end with an entry collar.

Other deliverable options include alternative structural materials, special surfaces, complete enclosures, exit collars and substructures (static, movable).

The unit can be equipped with a thyristor controller, which makes it ready to connect and conforms to CE requirements.

Single- and double-decker models

Special materials

Special surfaces

Complete enclosures

Exit collars

Substructure available - either static or movable

ATEX model

Standard screen trough widths: 180 mm, 250 mm, 340 mm

Throughput rating: 200 – 1100 kg/h, for plastic granulates d=2.5 – 3-0 mm, bulk material weight 0.6 – 0.65 t/m³; screen trough perforation Rv 7

Drive output: up to 140 W


SDE/SDZ Small Screen

Modular design

Short delivery times

Space-saving design

No tools need to change the screen cover

Low maintenance

Stepless adjustment of vibration width using the thyristor controller

Can be integrated into processes with the control unit


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