The lost-foam process (casting) makes it possible to produce complex casting geometries through the use of positive Styrofoam models. During the filling process, the binding agent-free molding sand needs to completely fill all the cavities in the Styrofoam model.That includes all of the cavities with multiple angles.

Due to these complexities, the compaction table is the centerpiece of a lost-foam system. The use of a normal vibrating table doesn’t work here because it can only produce vertical vibration. To flawlessly fill horizontal cavities you need a defined, horizontal vibration motion to get the sand to move forward into the cavity.

To solve this problem, JOEST developed the special vibration table – the Multidimensional Compaction Table. Using multiple real-time regulated unbalance motors, this table is able to vary the vector of the vibration on the X, Y or Z axis with independently selected angle, frequency and swing in order to achieve optimal fill and density in the mold. It also guarantees that the system can ramp up from zero to the desired frequency without vibration or self-resonance.

Another great advantage of the VECTOR is the resonance-free startup to the desired operating speed as well as resonance-free runout.

Unlike conventional vibration tables, the VECTOR starts and stops without the common “shaking” during startup and runout, which can often lead to already dense molds loosening up again and reducing the quality of the cast. This feature also eliminates the risk of the model body slipping in the mold before density is reached.

Dimensions between 1000 x 1000 - 5000 x 5000 [mm] possible

Startup to target frequency: vibration free / resonance free

Vibration frequency: electronically adjustable

Vibration vector in X-direction: electronically adjustable

Vibration vector in Y-direction: electronically adjustable

Vibration vector in Z-direction: electronically adjustable


Compaction Table

Freely selectable vibration direction within the possible operating parameters

Freely selectable vibration frequency within the possible operating parameters

Freely selectable swing amplitude within the possible operating parameters

Resonance-free startup and runout up to desired operating speed - no uncontrolled “shaking”



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