Used sand coolers Type DWFA serve for the cooling of hot foundry sand. The DWFA type used sand cooler consists of a vibrating conveyor made with an air-permeable bottom, a stationary exhaust hood, a moisturizing unit, a fan and a control unit.

The sand is cooled under optimum heat transfer conditions in the fluidised bed by evaporation of water. The final moisture level is adjusted by the precisely controlled addition of water according to the temperature and throughput.

External hot sand bunker with reversible and speed controlled extraction belt

Moisture control and display with final moisture measurement at the outlet

Cyclone separator with rubber lined suction duct and pneumatic operated double flap valves

Automatic air circulation control to prevent undesirable low sand temperatures in winter time

Addition of bentonite after cooler outlet into the mixing screen conveyer

Updating of earlier cooler generations by the application of the latest throughput and moisture control functions

TypeWidth x LengthDrivePerformance in t/h with coolingWater consumption max. liter/hSupply air (Nm3/h)Exhaust air (Bm3/h)Zyclon Type (Option)
120°C -40°C100°C -40°C80°C -40°C
DWFA 1)850x2400JV 13614,5172160035504650Z 750
DWFA850x2400JV 13626,53137110059007750Z 950
DWFA1300x3600JV 158374250110059007750Z 950
DWFA1300x4400JV 15845526019001000013200Z 1150
DWFA1750x4000JV 17855637623001225016100Z 1300
DWFA1750x4400JV 17860698425001350017700Z 1300
DWFA2100x4000JV 20866769127501470019300Z 1450
DWFA2100x4800JV 208799110833001760023100Z 1550
DWFA2100x5600JV 2089210712536002060027000Z 1650
DWFA2500x5600JV 24811012614846502450032100Z 1850
DWFA2500x6400JV 24812514516953002490036600Z 2050
DWFA2500x7200JV 27814216319060003160041400Z 2050
DWFA2500x800JR 40815718221566502510046000Z 2300
DWFA2500x8800JR 40817319923073003850050500Z 2300
DWFA2500x96002 JR 60819722926083504450058000Z 3000
DWFA2500x112002 JR 60823026730397505200065600Z 3000
DWFA2500x128002 JR 608262305346111005959977500Z 3000


Sand Cooler

Highly consistent final sand moisture adjustable to 1.6 – 2.2% ± 0.3%, even with fluctuating inlet moisture

Good and homogenous sand quality through fluidization and continuous operation of the cooler

High cooling effect and low energy consumption with compact design

Automatic throughput control with continuous level in the hot sand hopper

Continuous operation with the throughput adaptation (EP) on fluctuating sand inlet rates from 40% to 100% of the normal capacity

Compact design alternative with integrated hot sand hopper for easy installation in existing plants

PLC process control with LCD display and integrated fault analysis of all major equipment functions

Few wear parts, low maintenance

Homogenization device inside the cooler inlet



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