Vibration shakeout drums are used, when the castings which have to be unpacked, are small and have few fins on the outside. When unpacking the castings, they will slightly collide with each other due to vibrations.

Shakeout drums are mainly installed after vertically divided flaskless mouldlines. Due to linear vibrations, whose vector is in a right angle to the tube axis, the drum content (castings and sand) gets into a circular movement. Because of this movement the castings become relatively clean, they cool down and the lumps will be disintegrated. Inside the shakeout drum water will be injected.

As drive units oil sump lubricated circular exciter cells are used as they are – in this special case – better than exciters. The exciter force is transmitted in a linear way without bending moments directly in the tubetype machine body via middle main connection ring. Inside the tube wear plates made of manganese steel are used.

The shakeout drum has multiple functions:

+ Unpacking the castings

+ Cleaning the surface of the castings

+ Cooling down the castings

+ Cooling down the sand

+ Disintegrating the sand lumps

+ At the end of the drum the sand will be screened on a grid

+ BUT: not suitable for fragile and complicated castings

Throughput up to 150 t/h

Diameter up to 2200mm

Length up to 9000 mm


Vibration Shakeout Drum

Several functions in one machine

Compact aggregation

Dust-proofed, closed design

Clean casting surfaces



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