Tipping angles of 135 degrees to 170 degrees can be realized by special design in the construction. Especially in the forging sector, the extension of the tipping angle allows almost complete emptying of the parts, even with difficult container geometries. Thanks to the use of a hydraulically operated additional swing frame a double flip-flop is realized. In this way, longer distances between the lifting/tipping equipment and the system to be fed can be bridged. Thus, for example, a direct transfer of parts in a blasting machine without the material recycling being impaired.

Various linings of the load-handling equipment are available, these provide additional wear protection, serve the noise insulation or contribute to an optimized material discharge. Furthermore, there is the possibility of tipping several types of containers with different dimensions with only one tipping equipment. For this purpose, the Dieterle brand offers a comprehensive and flexible design of the container safety system. From a purely mechanical holder to a fully automatic container locking system, the construction is specially adapted to your containers. In combination with conveyor systems an automatic feed and return of the containers is made possible. The operationally safe tipping is adapted to your requirements through personal protection equipment.

The MH series is wired to a terminal box or is available complete with its own electrical control with various functions and operating modes for automated lifting and tipping. The scope of application of the MH series ranges from metallurgy, automotive, surface treatment, to heat treatment and the wood and paper industry. The material design is determined depending on the application. Thus, in addition to the design in normal steel, versions in stainless steel or mixed constructions are also possible..

  • Closing lid in the bulk of the load carrier for gentle product transfer
  • Various linings of the load carrier are available, these offer additional wear protection, serve for noise insulation or can contribute to an optimized material discharge
  • Hydraulically operated additional swivel frame for direct transfer of parts to a blasting machine
  • Hydraulic container safety for different container dimensions

The MH-Series

Read more about the MH series, different designs and options here.

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          • End position damping on both sides and with hose breakage protection
          • High load capacities at low tipping heights
          • Ease of maintenance


Options and Accessories

All lifting and tipping machines have a variety of different options and accessories to choose from. For example, you can be equipped with automatic chain lubrication, special coating in almost any RAL tone, container weighing, locking bolt securing to fix the load carrier, maintenance platforms on the machine head, PLC control, level monitoring, etc.




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