JOEST circular motion screens are worldwide used for the pre- or final classification of free flowing, slightly sticking and coarse grained bulk material. The typical character of this screen is a circular movement. Executed with an inclination angle between 10 to 30° the optimum throughput for almost every application can be achieved.

The decks can be executed either with perforated plate, polyurethane or wire cloth increasing the areas of applications. Cleaning devices can be installed below the screening cloth to avoid screen blinding when screening under difficult conditions. Screens are generally fitted with an impact area directly before the screening section begins, this breaks up the material and causes long parts to lay flat during screening. If necessary cascade steps can be added to flip the material creating even greater separation efficiency. Circular motion screens can be designed with up to three screen decks. Depending on the application and size of the screen the appropriate unbalanced motors, lubricated shaft drives or, for higher loads, oil lubricated exciter cells are available as drive units.

Stationary or vibrating covers

Vibrating isolation frames

Monitoring systems


Multi deck


Circular Motion Screen

High throughput

Increased self cleaning

Easy maintenance

Use of tried and tested drive units

Standardized dimensions


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