Machine dynamics:

A casting cooler is essentially a heavy-duty, mass-compensated resonance conveyor with an airtight hood that is typically installed between the shakeout and the sorting conveyor. An oscillatory system consisting of a trough and working springs with active vibration absorbers at regular intervals is energized at very low frequencies by an eccentric slider-crank drive unit. The machine’s base frame is anchored to the foundation, and the system requires only very little drive power. Since the dynamic restoring forces of the working springs are largely compensated for by the active, mass-compensated system of vibration absorbers, only very low residual dynamic forces are transmitted into the foundation. The castings are conveyed slowly, evenly and quietly through the flow channel without micro throw movements.


An air-mass flow is directed through the channel-shaped cooler in the opposite direction to the flow of the castings and thereby cools them. The basic principle is based on a counterflow heat exchange between the cast iron / air, whereby the total surface area of all the castings currently in the cooler represents the total available heat exchanging surface. In physical terms, counterflow heat exchange is the most efficient and effective method of thermal transfer. To increase the cooling capacity, the machine can be equipped with humidifiers, since the heat transfer is even more effective in humid air.


The transport surface for the castings consists of segmented, overlapping trough portions which are made of wear-resistant heavy-walled manganese steel and are bolted onto a supporting structure. Thermal expansion is factored into the design.


The eccentric slider-crank drive contains standard housing bearings, a three-phase standard motor (foot type) and a toothed belt drive. Good accessibility for maintenance is provided.

Dimensions and design features are tailored to the customer's specific requirements

Standard working widths: 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2500 and 3200 mm

Other working widths are available

Max. working length of up to 60,000 mm per system


Casting Cooler

Low transmission of dynamic forces into the foundation

Quite, smooth conveying process, no micro throw movements

Working lengths up to 60 m possible

Easy to separate for installation and transport; low height

No concrete-filled parts in the machine (heavy-duty steel construction)

Low energy consumption

Runs reliably even under high loads

Individually configured for the customer using special design software, taking into account all application-specific parameters

Based on the most thermodynamically and energetically efficient cooling principle

Optimal ratio of cooling performance to exhaust air volume



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