Hopper discharge feeders are special discharge channels for a wide range of bulk materials from hoppers and silos.

A JOEST magnetic drive, designed as a sub-resonant dual-mass system, is attached to a channel-shaped machine body which it excites via a linear oscillating movement, which in turn conveys the bulk material by means of micro throw movements and discharges it from the hopper. In this design, the discharge rate can be widely varied, since the amplitude of the magnetic drive is adjustable via the built-in thyristor. Furthermore, the conveyor stops immediately when switched off without running on. Magnetic feeders are therefore especially useful for dosing (weighed feeding).

Various parameters have to be considered in the system’s design and configuration, such as hopper pressure, hopper geometry, particle size, flowability, humidity, tendency to caking, etc. Hopper discharge feeders are therefore designed individually for each application.

Wear plates


Hopper discharge chute

Layer thickness slider

Under-trough heating

Needle Gate

Supporting Structure

Transfer Hood

Dimensions and design features are tailored to the customer's specific requirements


Hopper Discharge Feeder (magnetic channel)

High dosing precision is achievable

Not susceptible to blockages

Existing bridges in the bunker are eventually dissolved by vibration

Discharge mass flow is largely independent of the hopper filling level

Very good adjustability and control of the mass flow via thyristor control



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