For the pre-separation in recycling plants for products which are difficult to screen, cascade screens are increasingly used. The advantage is that they screen with less pegging and can remove long parts. The finger cascade screen works on basis of a circular vibratory screen with high acceleration, generated via JOEST shaft drive.

Due to the high acceleration values with the conical opening finger screen system in cascade shaped arrangement – there is firstly a break­ing up of the material and secondly a screening with comparatively few blockages. For best separation results, our finger cascade screens are equipped with an impact bottom for optimal product distribution and with additional falling steps.

Static or resonant cover

Vibration isolation frame

Vibration monitoring system

Inspection stages

TypeWidth x Length (mm)Weight (kg)Drive (KW)Capacity (m³/h)
SWEK 12001200x400020007,590
SWEK 16001600x5000320015160
SWEK 20002000x6000500022240
SWEK 24002400x6000750030


Finger Cascade Screen TopSpin

Classifying of difficult products

Screening with less pegging

Easy maintenance

High throughput rate

Optimal product turning


Secondary Raw Materials - Recycling

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Household and Commercial Waste
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