Apprenticeship at JOEST – First hand impressions

Categories: Published 11/22/2019

My experience with the JOEST Apprenticeship

Hey there!

First of all – My name is Niklas Schultz and I am currently in the third year of my apprenticeship here at JOEST.

When I look back at the recent years, there´s one thing I always think – wow that went fast! Feels like I just got out of school and now I’m already in my third year. Maybe that’s because there’s always something new. You basically change departments and workspaces every month. That way, you get to know the machines and employees one by one. Crimping, welding, pre- and final assembly are the areas you spend the most time in. The same goes for tool dispense, drive manufacturing and maintenance. At the end of the day, when finals are coming up, you focus on practicing the skills that are required for the practical and theoretical exams.
I especially like the fact that you actually go out to the clients and see the machines in action! All in all, everything is set for a successful apprenticeship.
Now it’s all up to you!

Niklas Schultz

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