Perfect separation of Rubber and Textile with the JOEST Air Separation Table

Categories: Published 07/31/2015

JOEST Solutions for Used Tires Recycling.

The JOEST Air Separation Table is the ideal solution for used tires recycling and is ideal for the separation of rubber, textile and rubber fabric composites. The characteristics of the air separation table are two unbalanced drives using a linear motion principle, the special designed fluid and the single chamber system.  This design results in a  most efficient and effective use of the  separation table, while ensuring  a continuous operating condition.  The single chamber system prevents dirt from accumulating inside the machine which is a significant advantage , particularly for dusty products. Through the micro perforated fluidizing plate, the air flows from the bottom upwards providing consistent air distribution. The product can not pass through the screen and stays clean much longer compared to conventional types. The screening surface is easy to clean to access and with the high separation rate and high value end products can be processed without further processing steps. The massive and robust design of the JOEST Air Separation Table makes it a perfect solution for dry bulk solids and is especially in the recycling industry capable of handling grain sizes up to 20 mm.

The illustrated JOEST Air Separation Table for used tires recycling Type LUS has a screening area  1,200 mm wide and has a throughput capacity of about 1.5 t / h. For other applications, a variety of JOEST Air Separation Table sizes with a processing width of 450 to1200 mm are available.


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