The fluid bed cooler cools down the moulding sand which is conveyed from a crusher through an upstream magnetic drum into the cooler. The machine is not vibrating but stationary.

The sand is fluidized by means of a special fluidization plate by a powerful vertical air flow. It then has flow characteristics like water. When fluidized, the heat is released via con­tact heat exchange to a tube matrix with high surface passed by water. As positive side effect light organic binder particles are discharged via air flow and the L.O.I. of the reclaimed sand is reduced.

Freshwater or circulation cooling possible

Sand throuput: 10 t/h

Cooling performance: from 200 °C to 40 °C

Water throuput: 22 t/h (closed recooled circulation)

B = 1.800 mm

L = 3.200 mm

H = 2.600 mm


Fluid Bed Cooler

Cools down organic bounded used sand

Discharges fines and organic dust

Reduces the L.O.I.


Foundry & Steel Industry

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No-Bake Sand Molding Process

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