The JOEST two-way feeder allows the guiding of a mass flow to two outlets (e.g. subsequent conveying devices or bins). In principal the machine represents an unbalance motor driven feeder with particular construction characteristics and an associated electrical control.

Machines of this type of construction are for example applicated in the material flow of castings after passing green sand moulding machines and are superior to other systems as e.g. swivel feeders. The bypassing of the material flow is done “just in time”, there are no shear- and crushing sections, the number of movable components is a minimum and a barrier of the area is not necessary. The switch over can be done when parts are on the machine without problems.


Gate Feeder

Guiding of a parts- or bulk material mass flow to the right or to the left

Distribution of the bulk material mass flow in a variable division ratio onto two outlets

No risk for shear- and crushing when switch over

Drop down of parts during switch over can be excluded

Space-saving execution

Adaptable as an end section for sorting conveyors

Can substitute slewable solution

Only few parts to be maintained


Foundry & Steel Industry

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