A year of challenges

Categories: Published 12/7/2020

No shutdown during lockdown

Since the beginning of the year, the Coronavirus COVID-19 has had a firm grasp on Germany and the
whole world. As a globally active machine manufacturer, we have also been feeling the impacts. Starting with a ban for all business trips to and from China, we have reacted immediately according to the developments at hand and switched over to Video conferences where possible. In an effort to protect our employees, we announced a code of conduct that has continuously been adjusted to the latest developments of the pandemic.

Right now, we rely mostly on videoconferences with clients, partners and suppliers, allowing only important appointments to still take place. Internal meetings follow the same rules. In some cases, this doesn´t fully replace a personal conversation whilst viewing machine drawings or a production status, but safety always comes first. Whenever possible, walking around the office buildings has to be avoided using the telephone or digital communication tools is the preferable alternative. If this is not possible in urgent cases, there is a strict obligation to wear a mask on our entire premises. The only exception is when seated at the personal workdesk with safe distance to other people.

Additional measures such as regular ventilation of offices and meeting rooms, strictly following the hygiene rules – at work and at home – and constantly maintaining safety distances to others are essential. Home Office work allows enough space for the remaining people working in the office buildings. Furthermore, the cafeteria is closed until further notice to reduce the risk of infection amongst our employees. Every suspicion of infection with the Coronavirus must be reported to our human resources department and the local health authority immediately. This way strict, additional measures can be taken right away. In the meantime we bought a sufficient number of
rapid tests our own qualified and trained personal can use.

Although presented with these challenges, the work of the #JOESTeam was never and will not be compromised. Thanks to modern communication methods and flexible working models, we can continue our work without major constraints.

Dr. Marcus Wirtz

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