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Categories: Published 10/13/2019

GERMANY. „JOEST paves the way into the world of work “

What does one hope for in an apprenticeship? A good career preparation, assistance in school and kind colleagues. It is with these aspect in mind that many high school graduates head out on a search for an apprenticeship. It was the same for me three years ago. But how can you tell if a company is just right for you when you know nothing about it? Reports written by apprentices are rarely to be found. That is exactly why I want to report to you about my last three years of apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at JOEST.
During my time at JOEST, I got the chance to see 14 different departments. That is way more than other companies can offer. The goal is to get to know your strengths and weaknesses and to work on them. Thus, at the end of your time in a department, you are given a sheet of evaluation that is filled out with the help of the head of the department. Whether its craftsmanship in manufacturing, calculations in controlling, convincing in sales or creative in marketing – if you don´t know which direction to head in your professional life, you will find out in your years at JOEST.
The Human Resources Department attends all apprentices and is always open for questions and remarks. I always felt well taken care of and my questions were always answered.
School is twice a week during your first two years. In your last year you only go once a week. “Company orientated projects” help create the connection between school and work. Within these projects you get to follow real projects at other companies as a corporate consultant.
JOEST pays great attention to fostering strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Flexible working hours, corporate parties and friendly teamwork create a good atmosphere amongst colleagues in the company. Each department works as a team and they really take time for you. I would recommend anyone to start his/her apprenticeship at JOEST.

Don’t hesitate for too long – Apply now!

Theresa Müller

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