High performance vibrating trough from JOEST for bottom ash at waste energy company AVR.

Categories: Published 01/24/2019

JOEST, specialist in vibration technology, optimizes the transport of bottom ash at the waste energy company AVR in Rozenburg, Netherlands.

AVR specializes in the processing of various types of residual waste and transforms this residual waste into energy and raw materials for households and businesses. These raw materials are made of metals and minerals. The minerals are reused, for example, in new paving stones. AVR extracts both raw materials from non-combustible parts; a mixture of moist waste incineration slag with scrap parts and fly ash. The material size is on average 300 mm, but with outliers up to 1,000 mm. An abrasive and corrosive substance with a tendency to soiling and clogging.

JOEST was commissioned to handle this slag during transport. The continuous flow of 50 m3 per hour is to be conveyed into a hopper and then directed to a swing conveyor, dosed and distributed. Always taking into account the material properties mentioned above.

JOEST supplies an individually tailored vibrating trough with a width of 1,800 mm and a length of 4,750 mm. Two unbalance motors ensure a linear direction of vibration. The complete trough is made of Hardox steel and additionally equipped with interchangeable 12 mm wear plates. JOEST also supplies the support structure including vibration damper and engine brake unit for a manageable start/stop operation.

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