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Categories: Published 01/24/2019

JOEST supplies a spiral elevator for active carbon with a feed temperature of up to 300° C.

In June 2018, JOEST sold an approximately 7 meter high spiral conveyor to a customer in the Netherlands. The customer’s goal was to cool the product feed temperature, which is up to 300° C, to a maximum of 60° in the conveying process.

First activated carbon is added directly from an upstream process in the spiral conveyor. The product with different quality levels can be entered into the conveyor via two material feeding units.

For better wear protection, the inlets and outlets are exchangeable.

The sections of the spiral, called flights, are combined in several circuits and connected to the cooling water supply, which provide for a temperature reduction. JOEST has provided a connection for customer dedusting of the product space in the spiral conveyor. Since the product can be flammable, the customer has additionally opted for an Atex certified version.

The spiral conveyor has a non-stationary, resonating cladding that has been painted with a special heat-resistant coating. This cladding has been equipped with side inspection openings for better accessibility.

A particular challenge was the assembly at the premises of the customer. The spiral conveyor had to be incorporated into an already existing steel construction. For this, the cladding had to be retrofitted to the spiral conveyor. Since the customer operates his production fully continuously, only a small time window was available, which JOEST had to meet for the assembly.

Since November 2018, the spiral conveyor has been used by the customer in production and runs to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

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