State of the art: Painting booth with optimal equipment

Categories: Published 12/1/2020

Dr. Goessling extends its production area.

The construction of the long-awaited new painting booth at Dr. Goessling Maschinenfabrik GmbH was finalized this year. Two independent spray-painting booths measuring 5 meters in width and height with a length of almost 9 meters offer new opportunities. Being arranged back to back, they can be transformed into a single large cabin when opening a dividing door. This large cabin can fit parts of up to 17 meters in length. Illumination and routing of airflow meet latest standards, creating ideal conditions for high quality and effective surface treatment.

The ventilation capacity of 33.000 m³ per hour and cabin is provided by a total of four ventilators with 15 KW each. Energy from the outgoing air is taken by the incoming air in an air to air heat exchanger. This way energy is used very effectively once it enters the system. Each cabin also features a 310 KW gas heater for optimal thermal management. This ensures a consistent treatment even for cold parts or in cold weather conditions.

With the new painting booth, Dr. Goessling is now perfectly equipped to meet any demands and wishes and can also perform surface treatments on special parts under optimal circumstances.

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