100 m Conveying Cooler for forging parts

Categories: Published 12/1/2020

Dr. Goessling delivers Hinged Belt Conveyor and Wire Mesh Conveyor to client in Spain.

Dr. Goessling Maschinenfabrik GmbH delivered a conveying system specifically optimized for the client. Its main job is cooling, separating and transporting of 1,100°C parts and scrap. After the forging press, the parts are cooled and conveyed. During the process, the hot scraps are separated from the parts and disposed in according containers.

The 1,100°C hot forging parts that leave the forging press weigh up to 1,800 g each. They are placed on a welded Hinged Belt Conveyor that has been specially designed for the rough forging application and features a separation in the middle of the belt. At a rate of up to 100 parts per minute, the parts are conveyed on the right half and the scraps on the left.

To the left, the parts are then fed to a Wire Mesh Conveyor with cooling hoods and ventilators to generate the cooling air flow, where they are cooled. To the right, the scraps are fed to additional stamped Hinged Belt Conveyors. The stamped hinge elements are connected to the side rails, chains and each other by crossbars. The stamped Hinged Belt Conveyors are designed in a way that prevents parts from getting caught or pinched. Hence, the gap width is kept very small. All of the conveyors are equipped with special chains with manganese steel bocks that are suitable for forging applications.

During a prior project with Dr. Goessling in a parallel plant, the client has already had a positive experience and was convinced by the quality of the products. The client’s high satisfaction with Dr. Gössling’s technology and execution was once again the foundation for further cooperation. Commissioning of the plant with the Wire Mesh Conveyor and the welded and stamped Hinged Belt c Conveyors was successfully performed by the Dr. Gössling Team in September 2020.

The wide and extensive product spectrum of Dr. Goessling Maschinenfabrik GmbH was able to offer the perfect solution for this client. Dr. Goessling has the right products for your specific demands too, and is happy to consult!


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