USA meets Germany

Categories: Published 01/24/2019

Internship at JOEST

Hello, my name is Joe Semany from USA and I go to school at Baylor University in Texas.
I´m 19 years old and majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship. Throughout the summer, I took two summer classes, Business Communications and Entrepreneurship in Europe, where I was travelling to ten different cities to learn the similarities and differences between how business operates in the U.S. versus Europe. After school, I was given the opportunity to intern at JOEST.

My internship had me working in the service, finance, and marketing departments. Among others I had the chance to file invoices, organize income statements, balance financial accounts, and complete the work schedule for fellow employees. This was my first time working for a company and this gave me the glimpse of what I would have to do in the future working with other corporations.

Interning for JOEST gave me insight on how engineering and business can be integrated effectively in the real world. A big thank you to my co-workers for teaching me as much as they could.

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