Delicious fruit gum thanks to JOEST dosing feeder

Categories: Published 11/13/2017

JOEST Dosing feeders are compact and powerful magnet vibration conveyors which are equipped with the proven JD Dosing Drive.

The machines are particularly well suited for continuous or batch feeding of bulk materials in the chemicals, food, plastics and packaging industries.
At the beginning of the year JOEST delivered a special dosing feeder for the food industry. With a length of approx. 750 mm, the machine can dispense up to 250 kg/h of fruit gum. The feeder has been made from a very thin textured plate in order to achieve less adhesion and to facilitate the transport of the material. The dosing feeder is electro polished and suitable for food use. Due to the support made of stainless steel with adjustable feet and the maximum overlap, the customer reaches the greatest possible flexibility and range.
JOEST dosing feeders are successfully used in a variety of industries. They are not just used for dosing purposes, but also as space-saving and cost-effective conveyor units.

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