Drying system for extruded proteins

Published 09/7/2022

NETHERLANDS. Driessen places order with JOEST for a Fluidized Bed Dryer.

The food manufacturer Driessen Food Extrusion located in Deurne, Netherlands processes mixed, powdered, plant-based proteins to high quality ingredients for the food industry. In order to modernize their production and increase productivity, Driessen Food Extrusion is planning to build a new production line.

JOEST received a contract last month to provide large parts of this new production line. For the processing of extruded proteins and production high quality coatings, the #JOESTeam will design and manufacture a complete drying plant. The planned drying system consists of a Fluidized Bed Dryer with processing-, heating-, cooling- and used-air systems as well as a Spiral Conveyor. The system will be delivered in spring 2023.

The biggest challenge is the different shapes and sizes of the materials. Depending on the product type, the drying time varies significantly. This determines the overall size of the plant. The system dries granules, flakes, crumbs and other textures with a throughput of up to two tones per hour and a moisture content of roughly 5%. 

Since the Food Industry has highest standards towards machines, JOEST provides an according configuration that meets those needs. Cleaning is quick and easy and enables customers to achieve their allergenic goals.

The entire #JOESTeam is excited for this project and the cooperation with Driessen Food Extrusion!

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