JOEST Casting cooler

Categories: Published 03/12/2013

For a foundry in Asia JOEST manufactured a casting cooler with a width of 1,6 m and a total length of 45 m. The machine is used for cooling of automotive casting parts from 600°C to approx. 80°C with a capacity 160 parts per hour.

The conveying principle of this machine is based on a low-frequency resonance conveyor, operating close to resonance vibrating motion. Therefore the entire machine with a total weight of 50 t can be operated with 15 kw motor and is very energy efficient.
The cooling principle is based on a convective heat exchange between the media cast and air in counter flow, which has the highest cooling efficiency.
The JOEST casting cooler has a unique technology and design which reduces the vibration transmitted into the foundation and floor to almost zero.
For the transport and easier installation the cooler had to be split into several sections.
JOEST has proven again the experience with one of the largest casting coolers ever manufactured in company history.

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