One Conveyor Channel – Two Applications

Categories: Published 10/30/2015

A direct comparison of two JOEST vibrating conveyors for shot blast media

One type of machine to convey the same material but with different installation situations and requirements? No problem for JOEST – we compare two of the company’s vibrating conveyors for transporting blasting media and accumulating residual sand with subsequent control screening.

In both machines, the oversize material is removed with the help of an integrated screen section before the filtered material is transferred to a bucket conveyor via a lateral outlet connection. Both conveyors consist of a trough, trough frame, leaf spring retainers, working springs and a counter-oscillating frame. The resonance of the trough and counter-oscillating frame are matched via the working springs. The counter-oscillating frame is virtually vibration-isolated on rubber buffers, thus the residual dynamic forces affecting the substructure are very low in both conveyors.

The choice of either conveyor depends on the customer’s requirements. “Customer One” required the machine to be very flat due to the very narrow and winding installation location. “Customer two” needed a conveyor with very high performance. Weight and size were not a priority.

The small version of the vibrating conveyor has a maximum output of 144 t/h. The entire trough is made of wear-resistant material and can be fully exchanged if necessary. No additional carrier material is required, which saves on weight. Due to the lighter trough, a very flat design is possible.

The trough of the large conveyor is made of mild steel with a bolted-on wear-resistant lining. The service life of the machine is thus increased considerably, since the individual wearing plates can be very easily replaced as necessary. Due to the heavy construction, this conveyor can guarantee a high throughput of approximately 360 t/h over a prolonged period.

For each customer requirement, JOEST provides the necessary experience, expertise and a tailor-made and effective solution to ensure your success in the market. A combination of both conveyor types is also possible – just ask us!

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